22 Jul

The Be-Nighted Game
by Paul Waite
22 Jul 2000

This weekend’s test against South Africa was won by New Zealand 25-12, but much more importantly, what a pleasure it was to finally get to see a major rugby game in the daylight for once!

What the hell is it with the people organising our game these days that makes them think we all want to troll off in the pitch black cold evening to watch players dropping a wet ball?

Maybe it’s Ok for teens who don’t have a life yet, but for myself I’d prefer to be doing “evening things” such as going out to the movies, a club/pub, dinner with friends, or just enjoying time at home winding down.

These are “evening things”, rugby is a “day thing” and it always will be.

Ok, ok I’ll relent a little. Night rugby has a place I’ll give you that. But why the over-kill, whereby fixtures for such important games as Super 12 finals, and Tri-Nations tests are mostly played at night now?

I wouldn’t mind but the best rugby is played during the day, not at night, and I’m buggered if I want to pay the over-inflated prices they charge these days to watch second-rate rugby!

In the evening in New Zealand there’s always dew on the ball; it’s just that kind of climate. And another thing: they can tell me that modern lighting systems are as good as daylight ’til they’re blue in the face. Crap. I can see more as a spectator in the day than under stadium lights. Maybe a teenager’s eyes are up for it, but what about the (ahem) more aged population?

Finally, the thing which really pisses me off about this is that it’s obviously driven by accountancy. Nobody has asked us what we’d prefer.

Give us more top rugby fixtures in the daylight, where the game is meant to be played!

Paul Waite

Paul Waite

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