5 Jun

Battle for the Back-up Role – All Black 1st 5
by Tracey Nelson
5 Jun 2011

Who is likely to be Dan Carter’s back up in the All Black squad this year? Check out the lead contenders’ stats here.

I have looked at the players most likely to be in contention for the back up role of 1st 5 for the All Blacks. Colin Slade has not been included due to his lack of game time this season. Luke McAlister’s stats are only for the games where he has started at 1st 5 (two up to the end of Round 15) other than his goal kicking, where he has been first choice kicker for the Blues this season. All tables start with the top player for that category. Another point to note is that my definition of a ‘line break’ is a clean break where the gain line is not only breached but the player makes it into clear space behind the defensive line without being held in a tackle. So in other words, the player runs into open space by at least 2 metres and the entire defensive line has to turn to chase.

Number of starts at 1st 5 up to and including Round 15
Stephen Brett 11
Stephen Donald 9
Dan Carter 8
Aaron Cruden 7
Luke McAlister 2

Points scored Average per game Kicking percentage
Dan Carter 15.87 76%
Luke McAlister 12.11 75%
Stephen Donald 10.44 76%
Aaron Cruden 10.23 75%
Stephen Brett 10.75 52%

Linebreaks Total Average per game
Luke McAlister 2 1.0
Stephen Brett 8 0.73
Aaron Cruden 5 0.71
Dan Carter 4 0.50
Stephen Donald 4 0.44

Average number of offloads per game
Aaron Cruden 2.71
Dan Carter 2.13
Luke McAlister 1.50
Stephen Donald 1.33
Stephen Brett 0.73

Percentage of tackles successfully made
Dan Carter 83%
Luke McAlister 79%
Aaron Cruden 78%
Stephen Donald 63%
Stephen Brett 52%

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