4 Jun

Export Yourselves
by Tony Elson
4 Jun 2008

Seems like Rat(ttue) has really stirred it up – supported by a lot of crap that is mostly (not all) coming out of the Canterbury region.

I think it is an
absolute disgrace that people won’t support the AB’s because Henry is in

What short bloody memories. Already people are just itching
for the Irish to win against a team with a week to prepare with a whole bunch of
new players in the squad. It is embarrassing and disgusting. Some
people have no shame, and definitely no class. What do the expect to happen
if Henry and Co get the sack? Replace that coaching team with the likes
of Foster and Colin Cooper? Deans ain’t coming back soon
unless he gets the boot!

I hope it is Deans
who completely falls on his arse – not because he has left NZ, but because he is
coaching our mortal enemies on the rugby pitch. I hope he fails miserably
because Australia has had too much influence in our rugby – and world rugby for
too long (for good reasons – like winning the WC twice, and bad for trying to
bend the rules to mitigate their suspect levels of depth in their

I hope he fails miserably because I hate Australia, and I love
the AB’s – that is it. I don’t wish him well from a professional point of
view because I like to see them lose. I probably wouldn’t feel the same if
he coached SA or Wales, or even England. We usually beat

So, Henry…good
luck. You’re going to need it because one serious slip and they will be
baying for your blood. The pressure is really on these guys – but that is
what they get paid for. I hope they aren’t run out of the game by the
likes of the complete non-NZer’s at the Auckland Herald (the Rat) and those
utter disgraces who support Deans at all costs.

Maybe Chch should be
excluded from future AB tests until the residents can prove their NZ
citizenship! The real AB fans from the home of the Red Necks must be
cringing in their beer with shame and embarrassment. In fact, all of us
should be.

Loathe to promote Dominion Breweries, but I’ll pinch a quote
from them….”export yourselves”.

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