22 Jun

Last $ky To The Breakdown
by Paul Waite
22 Jun 2005

Tracey and I had to laugh when $ky wheeled out an extra statistic in their breakdown stats earlier this season – “First Two To The Breakdown”.

As you can see from this original article, Tracey Nelson started doing this years ago as a measure of how hard our respective players were working at protecting posession, and contesting it on defence. In fact at that time, it enlightened us all on what a certain Rueben Thorne was doing when most wrongly thought he was Mr. Invisible!

As with a lot of things which get appropriated as someone else’s idea, small changes get made to convince everyone that this is so. In $ky’s case, they’ve changed Tracey’s original “First Three to the Breakdown” into “First Two to the Breakdown”. However, as has been pointed out, you really do require the first three, not the first two, since the player arriving first usually forms the ruck or grapples an opposing player, and so the next two who get there are the important ones for gaining or retaining posession – one player on their own is normally not going to do anything useful.

So $ky ought to get in contact with the originator of this statistic to discuss in detail with her how these numbers should be derived, and what they mean. After three years of doing them, there’s a lot of knowledge there waiting to be used, and let’s face it a bit of recognition for starting it would be nice as well.

Paul Waite

Paul Waite

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