10 Jul

New kid on the block
by Tracey Nelson
10 Jul 2011

EnglandThere was just one new cap when the first All Blacks squad of 2011 was named today, and that was Taranaki’s Jarrad Hoeata. So did he deserve his place in the squad? Check out his Super stats against the other All Black locks.


With Anthony Boric out with injury until after the conclusion of the Tri-Nations the All Black selectors looked for another lock to go with their trust trio of Brad Thorn, Ali Williams (back from a 32 month absence with injuries) and Sam Whitelock. Here is how Hoeata stacked up against the other All Black locks over the round robin stages of the 2011 Super competition.

Lineouts Percent won on throw Steals off opp
Brad Thorn 90% 3
Ali Williams 78% 8
Sam Whitelock 94% 0
Anthony Boric 88% 5
Jarrad Hoeata 87% 3

Ball carries Average per game Av metres gained
Brad Thorn 5.18 24.82m
Ali Williams 5.30 25.00m
Sam Whitelock 5.00 32.57m
Anthony Boric 5.62 21.54m
Jarrad Hoeata 5.63 26.88

Tackles made Average per game Tackle success
Brad Thorn 7.91 85%
Ali Williams 8.30 87%
Sam Whitelock 9.29 98%
Anthony Boric 10.85 95%
Jarrad Hoeata 13.5 88%

Penalties conceded per game
Brad Thorn 0.36
Ali Williams 1.00
Sam Whitelock 0.43
Anthony Boric 0.63
Jarrad Hoeata 0.94

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