9 Jul

Not So Fond Farewell
by Colin Johnston
9 Jul 2005

Win, lose or draw tomorrow’s Test Clive Woodward leaves rugby behind and heads for soccer management. Good ridance.

Prior to, during and since RWC 03 he has been arrogant and unapproachable with an air of conceit about him that makes you want him to lose. His legacy to rugby is minimal. What he has proven on this tour with the 2005 Lions is that no matter how much money or how big a squad he is given he cannot coach a squad of rugby players even when they are desperate to deliver.

What does this say of the man. He is a crap man manager, he has coached the rugby out of some of the England “stars”, he only trusts those that he picks and knows: everyone else’s opinion is wrong. If you are new to the squad, even if you are English, forget about having a fair chance. More than anything else this tour has told me one thing:

Martin Johnson and a squad of like minded men won on the pitch RWC ’03. Woodward did not. With this in mind perhaps he should give back the knighthood and quitely slope of, after a fullsome apology to rugby players and followers everywhere and join Southampton FC. Afterall, he has already told us he doesn’t really love rugby, football is his real passion.

No surprises there then, having watched the way his teams have played!

Watch out for his next book “Losing” which will hit the shelves just before Christmas. Everyone except him will be expected to shoulder the blame.

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