28 May

Rate that Ref
by Tracey Nelson
28 May 2009

A review of Australian referee Stuart Dickinson and his performance in the Super 14 semi final match played between the Chiefs and Hurricanes in Hamilton last weekend. Questionable decisions are asterisked and discussed at the end.

Time Incident Referee’s Decision
0.23 Knock on by Mathewson Scrum to Chiefs
0.56 Early engage at scrum by Chiefs FK to Hurricanes
2.22 Knock on by Messam Scrum to Hurricanes
3.27 Possible off side at ruck by Lauaki, Hurricanes ball, ref says Play on Play continues
4.05 Ruck called but ball appears to be off ground, Chiefs using hands Nothing happens*
4.26 Knock on by Morland Advantage played to Hurricanes
5.24 Hurricanes taking weight off on own scrum feed FK to Chiefs
7.20 Chiefs take too long to throw ball to lineout FK to Hurricanes
8.07 Hurricanes knock-on at Chiefs throw to lineout Plays advantage to Chiefs
8.16 Hurricanes going off feet at breakdown FK to Chiefs
9.13 Knock on by David Smith Scrum to Chiefs
12.20 Off side entry to maul by Chiefs Scrum to Hurricanes
13.43 Latimer not releasing ball in the tackle FK to Hurricanes
14.25 Not straight throw at lineout by Chiefs Scrum to Hurricanes
16.06 Knock on by Chiefs at breakdown Advantage played to Hurricanes
17.28 Turnover won by Chiefs at breakdown Play on
17.54 Knock on by Ripia Scrum to Chiefs
18.42 Scrum through 90 degrees on Chiefs feed Scrum to Hurricanes
19.27 Forward pass Vito to Nonu Not seen*
19.28 Try to Nonu Awarded after consulting Assistant Ref
22.07 Hurricanes throw to lineout too early, no space Reset lineout
22.29 Hurricanes lineout throw not straight, call by Assistant Ref Scrum to Chiefs
23.14 Forward pass Sivivatu to Bruce Scrum to Hurricanes
24.45 Hurricanes not rolling away at tackle Advantage played to Chiefs
25.12 Hurricanes going off feet at breakdown Advantage played to Chiefs
25.24 No advantage from previous FK to Chiefs
25.47 Hurricanes off-side at ruck Not noticed
26.05 Schwalger falls on wrong side at tackle but attempts to roll away Penalty and yellow card*
28.31 Hurricanes not rolling clear at tackle Advantage to Chiefs
29.43 Hurricanes not rolling clear at tackle Advantage to Chiefs
30.57 Ruck turnover won by Hurricanes Play on
31.07 Chiefs off feet at ruck FK to Hurricanes
31.58 Try to Lauaki Try
34.21 Ball comes off Hurricanes boot at ruck leading to turnover Play on
34.58 Ball unplayable at breakdown after Hurricanes had possession FK to Chiefs
38.06 Counter-ruck won by Hurricanes Play on
38.49 Knock-on by Chiefs then by Hurricanes Scrum to Hurricanes
41.22 Tackle by Hurricanes on Chiefs player, ruless Hurricanes knocked on Advantage to Chiefs*
42.05 Chiefs not releasing ball in tackle FK to Hurricanes
42.12 Knock on by Hurricanes Advantage to Chiefs
42.24 Hurricanes drive over ball at tackle but then take out receiver Penalty to Chiefs
44.39 Hurricanes player inside the 10m line from a kick, so offside at next play Penalty to Chiefs
45.40 Knock on by Chiefs Advantage to Hurricanes
45.42 No advantage from knock on Scrum to Hurricanes
47.48 Chiefs knock on Advantage to Hurricanes
48.31 Ball comes out of Chiefs scrum, hits halfback’s foot and rolls forward Play on signalled
49.51 Hurricanes ball held up maul Scrum to Chiefs
52.14 Knock on by Chiefs, no advantage to Hurricanes Scrum to Hurricanes
53.00 Scrum collapses on Hurricanes feed FK to Hurricanes
55.26 Off-side ruck entry by Chiefs Penalty to Hurricanes
58.17 Knock on by Hurricanes, no advantage to Chiefs Scrum to Chiefs
60.19 Hurricanes not releasing ball in tackle FK to Chiefs
60.57 Hurricanes hands in ruck FK to Chiefs*
62.16 Knock on by Hurricanes Scrum to Chiefs*
63.07 Knock on by Chiefs Advantage to Hurricanes
63.17 Chiefs not releasing player in tackle Advantage to Hurricanes
63.19 No advantage to Hurricanes Scrum to Hurricanes
64.23 High tackle by Chiefs Advantage to Hurricanes
64.26 No advantage to Hurricanes Penalty to Hurricanes
66.41 Hurricanes not releasing the ball in the tackle FK to Chiefs
66.49 Hurricanes not back 10m, plays advantage but there is none FK to Chiefs
68.55 Chiefs knock on Advantage to Hurricanes
70.32 Tackle turnover won by Chiefs Play on
71.31 Tackle turnover won by Chiefs Play on
71.57 Chiefs offside at ruck, plays advantage but none Penalty to Hurricanes
74.02 Ball ruled to come straight down from Hurricanes player at lineout Play on
76.13 Ball off Hurricanes foot at ruck, turnover won by Chiefs Play on
76.24 Hurricanes off-side at ruck Penalty to Chiefs
78.38 Chiefs lineout throw not straight Scrum to Hurricanes
79.24 Chiefs not releasing tackled player Advantage to Hurricanes
79.32 Chiefs going off feet at breakdown close to goal line Penalty to Hurricanes
81.38 Knock on by Hurricanes Full time

SUMMARY (7/10)
Overall I thought Dickinson refereed this game adequately, and did demonstrate good use of advantage. However, there were times where his calls at rucks became very loud (and sometimes confusing) and he possibly spent too much time telling players to retire behind the off-side line rather than just penalising them. Of all the incidents noted, he and his officials missed the following:

The forward pass by Vito to Nonu for the Hurricanes try in the 19th minute.

Jeremy Thrush was offside and involved at a ruck in the 25th minute.

In the 62nd minute a Hurricanes player knocked the ball on, but had never retired back on-side before he attempted to play the ball.

Questionable decisions:

In the 5th minute of the game he rules that the Hurricanes have “taken the weight off” at the scrum engagement, which seems an unlikely thing for them to do on their own feed.

Schwhalger’s sinbinning and the penalty awarded was completely unjustified, and was on a call from Assistant Referee Chris Pollock. Schwalger was ruled to have not rolled away and then played the ball on the ground, but replays showed him legimately attempting to roll away. The ball rises up from the ruck and hits a Chiefs’ player on the knee before bouncing away from the ruck into the field of play. Nobody had hands on it, and Schwalger certainly had nothing to do with it.

In the 41st minute there is a tackle on Masaga. The second Hurricanes player arriving at the tackle is on his feet and attempting to get to the ball but Masaga isn’t releasing the ball as he attempts to squeeze it back for his approaching teammates. It really should have been a FK to the Hurricanes, but it was ruled that they knocked the ball on once a ruck formed shortly after.

In the 60th minute the Hurricanes had a FK awarded against them for using their hands in a ruck, but replays showed Liam Messam on the ground attempting to play the ball back to his side of the ruck so the FK should really have gone to the Hurricanes.

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