24 May

The best of the Chiefs – 2001
by Euan Kilgour
24 May 2001

After a record season for the Chiefs when they equalled their best ever placing in the S12 in spite of the fact that they won more matches than ever before, a number of Waikato players have found their way into higher honours. Congratulations must go out to first time All Black Squad members Marty Holah, Mark Ranby, Keith Lowen and Roger Randle. Mark Cooksley aka Lazarus gains mention as the comeback kid, last donning a Black Jersey in 1994.

I will fly in the face of popular opinion and state that Deon Muir has found his rightful place in NZ rugby as captain of NZ Maori. His inspirational captaincy of Waikato and this years Chiefs side to me meant that his All Black debut would be wasted if he was named as anything other than Captain, something which I believe firmly belongs to Anton Oliver.

While I fully expect only Cooksley to make it into the final 22, it is good to see the All Black Selectors keeping the faith by rewarding players who have played outstandingly well.

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