12 Jul

The Mighty All Blacks v Jakes Jokers
by WAJ
12 Jul 2007

I first need to get one thing off my chest – WHY isn’t Jerry Collins playing tomorrow? When you are playing the Boks the first name written down should be J Collins – you don’t think the Boks are unhappy he isn’t playing. Instead we have……….nah I can’t go on – my feelings on that subject are well known. But why field your top props all 3N, yet muck around with your loosies, surely combinations are critical at this stage of the year.

The more and more I think about it the worse the Melbourne loss gets.
Last weekends Mandella Cup game puts it into perspective. How the hell did the Bok “B and 1/2″ team get within 8 points, and if the Tonguester(I can’t watch Hougaard kick for goal, his wondering tongue gives me the creeps) had kicked with any accuracy they would have won, and surely that is why he was in the team because he did fuck all else.
Oz were so ordinary I cannot understand how they got away with no, or very little, criticism. If you drew a line between the two Oz results over the past two weeks then this weekend would be a very close win to the All Blacks. Reality will be vastly different of course.

So to the game itself. With the most potent T5 fielded since Ali broke his jaw, great to see Robinson and his no frills tight game back, a captain keen to prove himself after a mountain of criticism, some warranted mind you, ditto for Dangerous Dan, and a midfield with plenty to play for with competition in this area very tight – the AB’s have plenty to prove. And lets face it they have to play and win well, otherwise team/squad selections must be at risk and even worse much needed momentum for the WC lost.
The Boks are very average. 2 rookies in the front row, an ageing lock who is only good in a lineout, a No.8 who has struggled with form all year, a 1 5/8 who when put in green turns blue and freezes, a midfield who lack any combination and a revolving door at fullback. Combine all that with the typical unimaginative Bok game plan and foreign conditions. The thought of Pieterson waiting under a bomb from Dangerous in the cold of Chch should put a chill into every SA heart, which would turn to frostbit if Jerry was playing mind.
Expect to see plenty of AB forwards carrying the ball, Weepu sniping, Dangerous keeping the ball in front of his forwards and the backs cutting loose in the last 10 minutes of the 1st half and 20 of the 2nd.

All Blacks by 35 – 40

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