15 Jun

Time to cut the crap!
by Paul Waite
15 Jun 2008

Can all New Zealanders please now get behind the All Blacks and their coach? I’m sick of hearing all this nonsense about supporting Deans and the Wallabies over the All Blacks. I’m tired of hearing people whining about the 2007 World Cup and our exit in Cardiff, and the why’s and wherefores thereof. Time to cut the crap, and be an All Black fan.

The All Blacks and their skipper are all one-hundred percent behind Graham Henry, Wayne Smith, and Steve Hansen. A team simply WILL NOT perform with the kind of heart and passion that we have seen from them in the opening two tests of this season otherwise. It just doesn’t happen unless there is a sense of unity and purpose and belief in the whole squad.

So it looks like the mindless denizens of that refuge for the mentally challenged and whiny, Talkback Radio, and others, some in the Media, are all on their own. On the one side we have the coaches, the All Blacks and the true fans. On the other a bunch of feckless whinging tossers who just can’t accept that Graham Henry is still the coach despite committing the heinous crime of being in charge of a team which lost a World Cup quarter-final test match against the insuperable odds mounted against them by The Referee From Hell.

I would agree that the All Blacks were underdone. I would agree that the ‘experiment’ with reconditioning was largely responsible and that it, in part, caused this. I would agree that because of that the All Blacks were one hard test short of being good enough to surmount the freakish officiating performance we faced in Cardiff.

But even a cursory analysis of the facts shows anyone capable of logical reasoning that the coaches are not to blame for this result in any black and white sense.

Of course if you are into Radio Talkback, then analysis isn’t your thing. Resolving complex issues down to the unrealistic black and white is the grist for your mill, and you won’t accept any other option. To you the idea of analysing the whys is not acceptable, and it’s simply Henry was in charge, we got kicked out in the quarters, therefore he gets sacked, end of story, job done.

There is also another issue I believe is at work here. I suspect that some fans of the lower IQ variety have become used to having their rugby seasons spiced up with a new All Black coach every 2 to 4 years. You can’t deny that there is a great deal of excitement generated by the wheeling in of a new coach. Who is he going to pick? How will he play them? Will he be The One To Win The World Cup? Enough to get the cretins of fandom positively wetting themselves in anticipation. Well they were denied all that with Henry’s re-appointment.

I suspect that this insidious feeling is responsible for the doom and gloom depressive attitudes which were sweeping the country just before the Irish test at the caketin. A realisation amongst some that they were just going to see the same old faces on the news, and much the same old lines being trotted out after-match.

There is one thing that people are forgetting. Granham Henry is possibly one of the most analytical coaches that we have ever had. He is, as has been emphasised on this site several times before, well capable of learning from the mistakes leading up to the quarter-final in Cardiff.

If you take that on board what are you left with?

The most successful coach in terms of results in recent times is what. A coach that the All Blacks all believe in and want to lay their bodies on the line for is what.

A coaching team and an All Blacks team which deserves the support of ALL New Zealanders is what.

So let’s get behind them and cut out all the crap.

Paul Waite

Paul Waite

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